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The paperless
document processing

Imagine you could scan your documents and through direct connection with the apocloud, they are sorted, indexed and captured in the apocloud fully automatically without tedious labeling or cumbersome building of a document structure.

By capturing in a certified data format on Swiss servers, it is possible for you to access your documents at any time, easily and from anywhere.

Advantages of apocloud

Save space:
Simply scan documents and throw them away. This makes paper a thing of the past and eliminates the need for space-intensive physical archives.

Save time:
Rummaging through mountains of paper and searching through file folders is a thing of the past. By indexing by content and using a sophisticated search function, you can store the document you want without tedious labeling or the cumbersome creation of a document structure. 

Access from everywhere:
Access from everywhere: Through interactive and responsive design of the apocloud, access to the documents whether on the computer, tablet or smartphone is ensured at any time and from anywhere by you and apo treuhand ag.

The data is stored on Swiss servers in a certified data format. Damage to or loss of important documents due to environmental influences is therefore no longer possible and is a thing of the past. 

Legally compliant digital storage of documents:
By saving in PDF-A format and the digital time stamp, document authenticity is guaranteed at all times. This means that documents are stored in compliance with the law and there is no need for additional storage in paper format. 

Full-text search thanks to indexing:
Since our solution fully indexes the entire text when processing a document, a document can be found and displayed immediately by entering any content of the document using the full-text search function. 

Distributed organizational structures, branches and subsidiaries:
In the case of locally distributed organizational units, authorized persons can check documents via the Internet and, in the case of an invoice, release them for further processing. This eliminates the need to physically send documents within the organization.

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