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Mission Statement


We use in-depth expertise to ensure that every customer achieves his goals.


With a competent and dynamic team, in an innovative and digital environment, we support our customers in our core competencies:


Quality: Quality is the be-all and end-all. In our industry, only perfect is good enough. Therefore, we focus on perfection to meet the demands of our customers.

Integrity: As an independent partner, we take pleasure in your successes and do everything in our power to make sure they happen.

Continuity: Your trust is our greatest asset. In order to secure and consolidate lasting trust, we rely not only on the values mentioned above, but also on continuity in terms of personnel and quality in the support we provide to our customers.


We have a strong team of specialists focusing on different disciplines and services, so we can always put together the right team for you.


Logo adroplan Beratungs AG

adroplan Beratungs AG

Neutral consulting company for pharmacies, drugstores and their suppliers. Future-oriented action in marketing and business management issues.

Logo bexio


Business software for small businesses, startups and self-employed.

Logo CashCtrl


Cloud accounting from Switzerland.

Logo Gammeter Consulting AG

Gammeter Consulting AG

Independent and neutral advice for self-employed persons and companies regarding all insurance issues is the core business.

Logo Karlen Treuhand

Karlen Treuhand

Audit, Fiduciary & Tax Consulting.

Logo Kaser & Bamert GmbH

Kaser & Bamert GmbH

IT Services

Logo Klara


Business software for SMEs.

Logo move and win ag

move and win ag

Management consulting, management and specialist selection, services, strategy consulting as well as succession planning and company sales mainly in the pharmaceutical and life science sectors.

Logo PensExpert


Experts for creative pension solutions.

Logo Roth Gygax & Partner AG

Roth Gygax & Partner AG

Independent and professional advice in the areas of pensions, assets and insurance.

Logo SKG Treuhand GmbH

SKG Treuhand GmbH

Management & Fiduciary for SMEs.

Logo studio nux gmbh

studio nux gmbh

Studio for graphic and digital design in Bern.


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